For your company to grow and become increasingly competitive, a having a respected foreign trade consultancy on board is essential. A strategic partner hired to conceive, create and implement your company’s actions in this sector.

FullComex offers the best services in trading, with professionals who are specialized and experienced in domestic and international markets. Here, each and every customer is served with maximum speed and quality. More than just a service provider, FullComex is a potential partner for your business and acts as a joint manager of your brand in all import and export operations.


  • Strategically located offices

  • Service throughout the whole of Brazil

  • Strategic partners in every region

  • Complete security and efficiency

  • Speed and excellence of operations

Trading Finance

  • The best financing conditions for importation

  • Structured operations according to import by order legislation

  • Imports and finances any segments of foreign trade

  • Acts as a partner in your business

  • Delivers the result your company needs

Tax Planning

  • Develops special and bespoke strategies, through financial and tax benefits

  • Strives to find the best solution for your operation with optimized import costs


  • International partners in the world’s major export centers, such as Asia and the United States

  • Extremely high quality suppliers in various segments of foreign trade

  • Proven track record of effective strategies implemented